Sieve Shakers 

We are able to supply and support a complete range of sieve shakers from, Endecotts, Controls and Pascall (Inclyno).

Discuss with us the best options for the larger sieves, i.e. 300mm and 450mm diameter sieves.


Endecotts EFL2000 Sieve Shakers

Efl sieve shaker

The EFL shakers can cope with heavy samples without losing performance. The vertical movement is fixed so that the sample seeks apertures (instead of floating). The new shakers have an improved clamping device that allows sieves to be quickly removed and replaced.


Specifications: EFL2000

EFL2000/1 Sieve Capacity: 6 x 300mm, 12 x 200mm, 12 x 100mm


Controls sieve shaker D411

¤ Takes 8 x 200mm or 6 x 300mm (plus pan and lid).
¤ Three sieving actions.

Controls D411 The D411 uses a tapping action along with the vertical and rotating movement, giving a very efficient sieving action.
This is a sieve shaker for people needing high volumes of tests done quickly. It has slanted threads on the tightening nuts: they can run freely up and down the threaded rod but tighten against the clamp.

Slanted threads on the tightening nuts let them run freely up and down the threaded rod but tighten against the clamp. Controls D406

The sieve holders at top and bottom have rubber retainers and the clasps adjust for any size of sieve and for centering.
Top of sieve shaker

Lightweight, budget, portable and small sieve shakers.

We are happy to quote on a range of small sieve shakers. Most manufacturers offer some low-priced lightweight machines, usually with an electromagnetic drive, that take sieves up to 200mm diameter but not larger.
However, our customers usually ask for a sieve shaker that is as tough, versatile and efficient as can be obtained within their budget.
Delivering economy machines involves the same level of freight charges and duties as tougher machines and this can reduce the apparent cost-saving in the price of light machines.

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