Nuclear Densometer Models 

Moisture/Density Gauges Available:
These are the commonly used Troxler gauges that we sell, service and calibrate...

Also, there are the newer 'Plus' models. E.g. the Troxler 3440 Plus
On these models Troxler has added a number of features that users have asked for, e.g. a larger display screen, back-lit LCD screen and keypad and other conveniences.

Troxler 3430 The 3430 (shown left) is the most basic general purpose gauge.
The first two models are the most often used, general purpose machines.
The 3440 is the more highly featured of the two and the most popular in New Zealand.
The main differences between the 3430 and a 3440 are:

Troxler 3440
Troxler 3440:
The most widely used model in New Zealand.

Thin-Layer Gauge 4640B

The Thin-Layer gauge is particularly designed for thin asphalt layers, and does not need to know the density of underlying material to be able to measure density.

Older and pre-used nuclear gauges:

We sometimes have second-hand Troxler gauges available for sale, including the older model, 3411b, which comes in 8 inch and 12 inch depth versions.
The 3411b gauges are an old design but still give the basic results of wet density, dry density, moisture content etc. and come with an IANZ endorsed calibration certificate.

Note that the general purpose Moisture/Density gauges like the 3440 and 3430 are calibrated for soil, not asphalt. They are accurate on thin layers only if we calibrate the machine for the purpose and the user knows the density of underlying layers.
We can show you how to get the most accurate possible readings from your gauges.

Operational Lifetime

Troxler gauges should last for at least twenty years.
New Zealand regulations require the sources to be retired at thirty years, which effectively means that no gauge can go longer than thirty years. Eventual disposal of sources can be costly and the prices are subject to change.


We supply guages with an Accreditation International (IANZ) calibration which is valid for two years.

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